The Castle

The main dwelling has 2 levels plus a viewing platform at the very top. Lower level has a double-volume entrance hall, with a stunning staircase sweeping to the upper levels. Open-plan kitchen with scullery, large  living area with panoramic garden views, plus 2 bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, and a study.

There’s nothing ‘beige’ about the interior decor of this romantic home. Real slate-stone floors in rich autumn shades flow throughout both levels. Sumptuous paint-effects by the acclaimed Lance Khoury adorn the mainly circular walls, creating intriguingly-shaped rooms with tasteful Moroccan/baroque overtones. Light fittings hand-made by South African artist Chevy Borchowsky  create the mood, with lighting and audio by Control4 giving you finger-tip control of customizable lighting/audio scenes for that perfect party/romantic evening.

Under–floor heating on both levels ups the luxury in winter, while in summer the house is deliciously cool. A super-economical Morsø wood-burning stove makes for cosy living during the colder months (Knysna never gets down to freezing levels).

Upper level


  • Front Entrance
  • Living Area 2
  • Entrance Hall 1
  • Dining Area
  • Stairway 2
  • Stairway 3
  • Fat Cat
  • Living Area 1
  • Upper Landing 2
  • Kitchen 1
  • Kitchen 2
  • Entrance Hall 2
  • Stairway 3
  • Main Bedroom 2
  • Living Area 2
  • Bathroom 1
  • Living Area 4
  • Living Area 3
  • Main Bedroom 1
  • Main Bathroom
  • Bathroom 2
  • Main Shower

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